Would you like to record and preserve the stories of prominent members of your section, region or society? There is a special type of interview, Oral History, designed to accomplish just that
This presentation, by Sheldon Hochheiser, director of the oral history program at the IEEE History Center will teach you how to do Oral History, and preserve and publish the results on the IEEE Global History Network (www.ieeeghn.org). There is much more involved in a successful oral history than just putting a microphone in front of somebody and asking them to talk about their life.   There are certain easily-learned skills of preparation and developing topics, logistics,  and simple but crucial legal requirements. This presentation provides what you need to know.

It is important for Sections to both preserve and honor their history. Historical activities provide institutional memory for improving operations, but also involve members, raise member pride in IEEE, and serve as a potential outreach vehicle to the local community. The History Committee and its staff History Center supply a variety of tools through the Global History Network (GHN) wiki platform to facilitate this work, including IEEE Milestones, topic articles, first-hand histories, archives, and oral history interviews.

This session will survey the GHN, then focus on why and how to conduct individual interviews as a tool for Sections to preserve both their institutional history and the technological history of the local area and its institutions, such as universities or corporations.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)

Sections can tend to get in a rut – the same people, doing the same jobs, in the same way. By taking your Section out of the autopilot rut, the Section can become re-energized, and re-focused on service to members. This session will help you create a plan to get your existing and new volunteers excited and involved in their positions, but the end-result will be a Section that better meets the needs of their members.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)

Section Vitality

Self enrollment

Is your Section conducting vibrant, engaging activities for members and the public? Find out what key drivers have been identified which can help your Section improve communication with members, enhance member value, and improve member satisfaction.  (SC'2011 Breakout Session)