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As Section Chair you are the leader and the individual responsible for influencing and motivating your members toward the success of your Section. Whether you are new to the role or if you have been Section Chair for a while, we encourage you to review the Action Plan for this role and  recommended training . They provide information designed to help you manage and lead your Section effectively. 

The position of Section Vice Chair is important. In many Sections the Vice Chair is elected to succeed the Section Chair. The Vice Chair is also called on to lead the Section when the Chair is absent. As the Vice Chair, you assist the Section Chair in managing the operations of the Section in the best interest of the local members, and provide leadership and guidance to Section volunteers. Whether you are new to the role or if you have been Section Vice Chair for a while, we encourage you to review the Action Plan for this role and the recommended content. The information will help you be an effective contributor to your Section.

The position of Student Branch Chair is a good opportunity for you to learn key leadership skills and is also a very rewarding job. As the Chairperson of the Student Branch, you are the leader responsible for setting the tone of the Branch. You are the public face to your Student Branch members. To quickly learn your position, we encourage you to review the Action Plan for this role along with the recommended training. The information should help you through your journey as a successful Student Branch Chair.

The Section Treasurer role is much more than distributing checks and paying the bills. The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the Section. As such, you are expected to proactively manage the financial health of the Section. The Treasurer is an integral part of the Section administration and a key member of the Section Executive Committee. We encourage you to review the Action Plan for this role and the recommended materials. The information will help you manage your position effectively. 

The Section Secretary is a steward of the Section’s history and future, managing information to enable ExCom decision making. The Secretary role brings members’ needs to the Executive Committee and involves having accountability, maintenance and ownership of Section records and correspondence. We encourage you to review the Action Plan for this role and recommended content to help you carry out your work as Secretary.

The Technical Chapter Chair is responsible for providing programs and activities of interest to its members. Your Technical Chapter is a subset of the related IEEE Technical Society (e.g., the Communications Chapter relates to the IEEE Communications Society). The role of the Chapter Chair is the development, growth, and management of your Chapter under the Technical Society which you represent. Your goal should be to build a sustainable Chapter by creating a support network, planning for a full program of meetings and events, handling finances, and potentially planning for a technical conference. We encourage you to review the Action Plan for this position and recommended training to help you manage your position easily and effectively. 

The Section Affinity Group Chair is the lead volunteer for the local Affinity Group. The Chair sets the tone for the Affinity Group and is the public face of the Affinity Group. The Chair is the senior executive of the Affinity Group and is responsible for ensuring that the Affinity Group is engaging members by conducting informative activities and events that meet the needs of its members. We encourage you to review the recommended materials.  


As Student Activities Chair, you are the interface between all Student Branches of your Section and your Section. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that all Student Branches in your Section are engaged in activities of interest to their members and that the Branches are working to further the goals of their IEEE parent organizations (Section, Region, and Member Geographic Activities (MGA) Board). As Student Activities Chair you have a great opportunity to work with students who will be the IEEE leaders of tomorrow. We encourage you to review the recommended content along with the Action Plan for this position.  The information will facilitate your work as Section Student Activities Chair.

The main role of the Nominations & Appointments Chair is to recommend a slate of candidates for various elected officer positions in your Section. You will also be involved with identifying Section volunteers who aspire to higher leadership responsibilities in other IEEE organizational units. In this role you may be a member of your Section Executive Committee (ExCom). Your work will determine the future leaders of your Section. We encourage you to review the suggested training and  Action Plan for your role. It will help you manage your role effectively. 

The Branch Counselor is a University or College faculty member active in the IEEE, who serves as an adviser to the Student Branch and its Student Officers. The Student Branch Counselor plays a key role facilitating the interaction of the Student Branch with the School/University, SectionRegion and IEEE Headquarters. We encourage you to review the suggested materials and Action Plan for the role. The information should help you provide effective counsel to your Student Branch officers and volunteers.

This position is typically referred to as PACE Chair, an acronym meaning Professional Activities Committee for Engineers. As Professional Activities Chair, you are responsible for promoting, organizing, and conducting professional activities throughout your Section. Professional activities are aimed at elevating the professional status of technical professionals. These activities focus on building the knowledge and skills of members of your Section and its Chapters, Student Branches, and Affinity Groups in the non-technical, or professional domain. You will work closely with members of the Section ExCom to further the objectives of your Section. In some larger Sections, professional activities may be organized and conducted by the subordinate units of your Section – its Chapters, Student Branches, and Affinity Groups. We encourage you to review the suggested content and  Action Plan for your role to help you manage your position  effectively. 

The Section Award & Recognition Chair is an important position. In this role you will be responsible for identifying those who merit recognition for their IEEE volunteer activities, their contributions to the profession, and their support of IEEE. Your role is also to promote the elevation of eligible IEEE members to a higher IEEE membership grade. You may be a member of your Section Executive Committee (ExCom). Your work will provide recognition for those who have done good things for IEEE and the profession and will inspire others to follow them.  We encourage you to review the recommended materials and  Action Plan for this role to help you manage and be successful in your position. 

As the Section Education Chair, you will be working with other Section Officers, members of your IEEE Section and its associated Chapters and Affinity Groups, as well as technical professionals within your Section boundaries.  As a member of your Section Executive Committee, you are a member of the team that has overall responsibility for leading and managing the Education Activities within your Section. We encourage you to review the suggested content and Action Plan for your role to help you be successful in your role while helping you prepare for greater responsibilities in your future IEEE work.

The Publication Chair is responsible for the coordination of production of conference content (e.g., papers from special tutorial sessions or colloquia, summaries of conference papers, programs, etc.) and serves as the point of contact for all IEEE Xplore submission-related inquiries before and after the conference. 


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The MGA Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT) has three main goals:  a) accelerate volunteers’ knowledge of the IEEE organization, products & services, and resources available to them;  b) help volunteers understand their role within their local units and within the larger IEEE and  c) create a succession tool that develops and prepares future IEEE volunteer leaders.The program has two tracks: Track 1 includes the sessions below. They cover an introduction to each organizational unit of the IEEE and is available to all IEEE volunteers. Track 1 runs each year around May and June. Volunteers who complete Track 1 within the pre-defined period and by the deadline provided each year may apply for consideration for Track 2.  Track 2 starts around September each year and lasts three months. It consists of live weekly webinars on leadership related topics.  During Track 2 participants work on a project assignment.  Volunteers who have at least 2 years of volunteer experience within their local units and have not been a Section Chair are highly encouraged to participate in the VoLT Program.

The Technical Program Chair ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program is organized and presented at the conference. Handles the Call for Papers through the selection and review of every paper. Assists in the scheduling of session rooms and helping with local arrangements for the program. 


The Conference Chair is appointed by the sponsoring organization. Often responsible for selecting the conference location. Appoints the chairs of the other committees, who make up the conference committee. 

The Conference Treasurer is responsible for ensuring all financial, tax, and audit requirements are met. Some of these requirements include establishing conference bank accounts, indirect tax, insurance and bonding, budget, expenses, financial reports, and conference closing. Also responsible for the final audit, if required. 

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The MD Chair is an important position within your Section. It is responsible for working together as a team with the rest of the Section Executive Committee in planning, organizing and coordinating activities for the growth, engagement and retention of existing members, recruitment of new members, as well as promoting the grade elevation of your members within your Section. We encourage you to review the materials along with the Action Plan for this role. The information will allow you to quickly learn to manage your Membership Development Chair position effectively.