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The Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) is a learning resource aimed at meeting the self-improvement needs of professionals as well as those who are preparing to enter professional practice in the electro-technology fields served by IEEE. All IEEE members — practitioners, students, volunteers, and non-volunteers — are encouraged to make use of CLE resources.

CLE is focused on two broad areas:

  • Training for IEEE Volunteers This training consists of Quick Start training modules for key local IEEE volunteer positions. These modules provide volunteers with practical information concerning their volunteer position so they can carry out their duties and responsibilities associated with their position of leadership. Each Quick Start module emphasizes the most important things that a particular volunteer must do to be effective in the position. In addition to the Quick Start module, a number of references are provided to assist the volunteer in performing his/her duties as an IEEE volunteer. These references, located in the Learning Library on the CLE site, expand the volunteer’s knowledge and understanding in a number of areas.
  • Professional Development Training This training consists of a number of training modules that focus on professional development. Topics cover soft skills such as leadership, communications, and management skills. These training modules are located in the Learning Library area on the CLE site.

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    Pre-Requisite courses for the 2015 Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT) available in CLE
    by Maria T Schneider - Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 3:10 PM

    Starting July 10, 2015, the CLE will make available eight new sessions covering foundational information about IEEE and all its organizational units. The materials are accessible from the home page under the category 'Volunteer Leadership Training Pre-requisite'. Those who complete these courses by 24 August 2015 can apply for consideration for the VOLT Program starting in September 2015. For more information, please contact Maria Schneider at